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Maestro^MASTER** (30.08. 20:54)
this hockey league was the best ever the pc hockey ever offered. hope one day league to recover with some new pc hockey game, maybe nhl 2059 or something..
admin^MASTER** (10.10. 15:00)
Yes, please join to the icq league channel
nesva^MASTER** (05.10. 07:27)
its possible to join this season?
Maestro^MASTER** (26.08. 13:59)
Any players ready to hit the 2021-2022 season? \_ -
Maestro^MASTER** (03.04. 13:55)
Congrats to the Stanley cup, Master Maksim! Huge results in the finale, legendary!
joseph (30.03. 10:09)
You can message here about league information or questions for admins. Forum for all.