EMLH - NHL 04 PC Online Hockey League, Since 2006
Player leaders
Goalie leaders
Defensemen leaders
Rookie leaders
Stanley Cup Champions

2006-07  Vikfee
2007-08  Konopes
2008       Konopes (2)
2008-09  Juventus
2009-10  Vikfee (2)
2010-11  Maestro
2011-12  Konopes (3)
2012-13  LandStalker
2013-14  Juventus (2)
2014-15  Maestro (2)
2015-16  Steel
2016-17  Gargamel
2017-18  Alaq
2018-19  FixxxeR
2019-20  FixxxeR (2)

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Council Of Elders (CoE)

Council Of Elders (CoE)

  • is the highest authority of this league. It consists of 4 long-time members. If some member ends contributing to the league next member is being chosen by the eldest remaining member.
  • Members:

  • Maestro
  • TibOrr
  • FixxxeR
  • Vikfee
  • Valter (suspended membership for season 2019-20)
  • This council’s competency is:

  • to vote for one Hall of Fame member once per year, starting from end of season 10
  • to choose season’s All-Star team, starting from season 8
  • to decide in disputes between players and admins
  • to make any decisions in order to protect the league according to league’s basic principles
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    Powerplay leaders
    Goals scored leader
    Goals against leader
    Most games played leader
    Points leader of the league
    Points percentuage leader
    Most wins leader
    Best series of games leader
    Worst series of games