EMLH - NHL 04 PC Online Hockey League, Since 2006
Stanley Cup Champions

2006-07  Vikfee
2007-08  Konopes
2008      Konopes (2)
2008-09  Juventus
2009-10  Vikfee (2)
2010-11  Maestro
2011-12  Konopes (3)
2012-13  LandStalker
2013-14  Juventus (2)
2014-15  Maestro (2)
2015-16  Steel
2016-17  Gargamel
2017-18  Alaq
2018-19  FixxxeR
2019-20  FixxxeR (2)
2020-21 Maksim




  • Download NHL 2004_CD1.iso and NHL 2004_CD2.iso
  • Add to virtual disk, you can use Daemon Tools Lite
  • When prompted, choose the →Advanced User, →Select performance settings and directory option, choose →Full, →All files copied to system. (1337.36 MB) → and then change the install directory. DO NOT INSTALL TO C:\PROGRAM FILES. The recommended location is to make the install folder in such as C:\NHL04
  • NHL04 Rebuilt 2021-2022

  • Download all files in folder
  • After downloading, right-click for each file, go to properties and click the „unblock“ button if it is there, otherwise you may get errors when trying to run the game. I recommend do this for all files in this section.
  • Run the interface.exe and extract to your C:\NHL04 directory. Overwrite all existing files.
  • Extract the rest of the files to your root C:\NHL04 directory. Overwrite all existing files.

  • Download roster.rar and unpack files
  • NHL 2004 Exh.exh, NHL 2004 Exh.exha.tdb and NHL 2004 OLExh.exh copy into C:\My Documents\NHL 2004\db
  • db.viv and tuning.viv copy into C:\NHL04\db
  • Launcher 1.45

  • Download Launcher 1.45.zip and unpack files to C:\NHL04
  • Start the game using launcher.exe
  • If Windows 10 users are having issues with the game starting, they may need to disable antialiasing and anisotropic filtering, or open up the launcher.ini file the program creates and add the line Windowed = 1 Additionally, try setting the compatibility mode for „nhl2004.exe“ and/or launcher.exe to run for Windows 8, and check the box to Run as Administrator.
  • As old and new launchers are incompatible and lot of tech issues appeared, we all will play this season on Launcher 1.45

  • Download Jum.AI and copy into C:\My Documents\NHL 2004\AI
  • Start game launcher.exe and go OPTIONS → AI → Load → Jum AI
  • NHLView

  • Roster editor for NHL2004
  • Download NHLView.rar and unpack all files in any folder you want and run nhlview.exe
  • Pick File/Open and in the section „select from the list of detected games“ select „Pick manually“
  • In the section „NHL 2004 – 2009: Static database“ browse „db.viv“ in C:\NHL04\DB\
  • In the section „NHL 2004 – 2009: Exhibition rosters database“ browse „NHL 2004 Exh.exh“ in C:\My Documents\NHL2004\DB
  • In the section „NHL 2004 – 2009: Exhibition rosters database“ browse „NHL 2004 Exh.exh“ in C:\My Documents\NHL2004\DB
  • Pick „Open“ and then pick Database/Update online exbibition rosters and save
  • Game Play Center

  • Download NHL04GamePlayCenter.rar and unpack all files in any folder you want and Run as Administrator NHL0904GamePlayCenter.exe
  • Now you must check settings (hammer icon) if the stat format files are clicked on CSV.
  • After online league game in post-match menu, click logo Windows in keyboard and Run as Administrator NHL0904GamePlayCenter.exe, click on refresh icon, after click save icon. In Logs (in the main folder of NHL04GamePlayCenter) it will automatically create three files: gamestat.csv, playerstat.csv, teamstat.csv
  • If you win the match it is needed to send these files – gamestat, playerstat, teamstat in format CSV to Matches Results
  • Note: Match without statistics from the GamePlayCenter is invalid!
  • ICQ

  • League’s communication channel
  • If you register to new season, you must have a icq account, after you will be added to league channel for agreement of matches, news, forum…
  • Download and install or you can use ICQ FOR WEB or you can use mobile application for Android or iOS
  • Hamachi

  • Virtual network for online playing if you dont have a public IP address or dont know port forward, tutorial here
  • Alternative virtual network is Teamviewer (note: you must allow VPN in installation)
  • Visit
    ICQ League Channel

    ICQ League Channel

    NHL04 Rebuilt Mode

    ICQ League Channel