EMLH - NHL 04 PC Online Hockey League, Since 2006
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Stanley Cup Champions

2006-07  Vikfee
2007-08  Konopes
2008       Konopes (2)
2008-09  Juventus
2009-10  Vikfee (2)
2010-11  Maestro
2011-12  Konopes (3)
2012-13  LandStalker
2013-14  Juventus (2)
2014-15  Maestro (2)
2015-16  Steel
2016-17  Gargamel
2017-18  Alaq
2018-19  FixxxeR
2019-20  FixxxeR (2)

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Club draft

Club draft

  • Club draft is made based on the final table from the previous regular season, starting with the last one. If new players join the league they will be drafting after players played previous season based on their league registration date or based on standing in pre-season rookie tournament.
  • Pre-drafted clubs

    Privilage to pre-drafting clubs have, at first :
  • Graduated VETERAN, who has played at least 1 season with his favorite club in our league.
  • Player who played at least 3 consecutive last league seasons with the same club.
  • Player who played 3 last league seasons in a row and played at least 2 seasons with its favorite club
  • Player who played 3 last league seasons in a row and played with its favorite club in last league season
  • Graduated VETERAN, who did not play with his favorite club yet.
  • Important: Any of the above rules could be changed ONLY through the Council of Elders decision!
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